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Modular cube pontoons

Modular Cube Pontoons provide incredible robust, stable pontoons that can tolerate extreme weather yet offer unrivalled versatility.

The cubes have a hard wearing non-slip surface making them safe for use in all conditions, are fully UV stabilised and being HDPE don’t suffer from any corrosion issues or require any regular maintenance. HDPE is also recyclable making the whole system environmentally friendly and assists with reducing the company's carbon footprint.


Floating Modular Pontoons are a versatile, road transportable and easily handled pontoon used for both temporary and permanent marine infrastructure, transportation applications, civil engineering and marine developments.

In each case the particular configuration set up must comply with the stability requirements as specified


2.7t 360 excavator & trailer

portable welfare unit

safety boats

tug/ work boats

  • Donna Marie - 7mtr work boat with cabin
  • Sarah Jane - 9mtr schottell drive workboat
  • Hope Anne -  9mtr schottell drive workboat
  • Livy Lou - 7mtr twin schottell drive workboat
  • Harper Jane - 12mtr workboat with cabin and welfare unit

anchoring systems